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JNLED is the LED lighting division of JNMARINE LIMITED, which is a company founded and based in Hong Kong and therefore strategically located to serve customers located anywhere in the world.

JN LED a lighting solutions provider

We consider ourselves a LED lighting solutions provider and offer our customers a one stop, reliable, trustworthy and discrete solution. We manufacture and source premium quality LED lighting products and solutions.

Our mission is to satisfy a real need to consolidate a number of services related to LED lighting projects closer to the sources of manufacture, which are mainly dispersed in southern China. The services include an in-depth knowledge of the vast array of LED solutions currently on offer and also include sourcing state of the art products from reliable factories.

We provide energy savings calculations and ordering, Quality Control, shipping and logistics, consolidation of orders, and shipment follow up. In effect a one-stop-shop for architects, engineers, developers, designers, property managers, municipalities, importers, wholesalers and others, who are facing the challenges of delivering eco-friendly requirements with solutions that make economic sense.

JNLED is in its ninth year and growing steadily through referrals, and so far, with no advertising. Our experience in Hong Kong and China goes back sixteen years. Our team of professionals from different countries will be pleased to assist you, in among other languages; Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Hindi and Dutch.

JNLED has recently added a number of premium quality solar power solutions to its range of solutions and services and have teamed up with a highly experienced team of solar energy experts based out of China. Under our brand JNSOLAR we supply premium quality and highly efficient solar panels, solar inverters, parity inverters and solar batteries.

Our products

We work with a minimum number of selected factories to cover a huge range of LED lighting and solar energy solutions.

Factories offer lifetime predictions for their products. We strive to build up long-term relationships with factories and suppliers and to secure the right products at the right price and to meet expectations.

Since our team are pro-environmentalists, their wish is to associate themselves with true eco-solutions that save energy and offer an eco-friendly life span.

We offer several solutions to help our customers simplify the actual installation of the products. Among other solutions we provide is the installation of specific connectors based on specific customer requirements (minimum quantities apply).

Collaborate with us?

​If you feel you would like to be a part of our sales team and would enjoy selling our products in your area or country, please let us know. Also, we are ready to help businesses and the self-employed to grow in the LED business with minimal investment.

Our Company

We regard the trading aspect of our business as secondary. Each individual in our team is motivated to service the need for the world to change the way it uses its natural resources coupled with the technical and economic advantages offered by LED solutions and solar energy solutions.

Our goal is to achieve a significant economic benefit for the end-user and contribute to the desperate need for the world’s energy consumption to be reduced. Our continuous and daily involvement in the supply chain for LED lighting and solar energy applications means we can react to inquiries efficiently and we quickly offer possible solutions, prices, lead times and logistic considerations etc.

We work with a minimum number of selected factories to span a huge range of LED lighting and solar energy solutions. Factories offer lifetime predictions. Our aim is to build up long-term relationships with factories and suppliers. In many cases we have helped customers reduce their leap of faith by providing samples, possibly a selection of samples, followed, if necessary, with a trial order before committing to a large order.

For a given application and a given solution it is easy to predict how long the lamp needs to be used to offset any additional cost. In commercial situations this period is often short and LED and solar energy solutions will continue saving money on electricity for many times this period. Working with samples eliminates errors due to the wrong choice of colour or intensity of lighting and architects and designers can experiment.

Some of our products